Vision & ValueAjin solartec Co.,Ltd. Considers the nature as it is,

    Ajin solartec Co.,Ltd. who pioneers the future.
    Global Leader
    Customer satisfaction by the top-notch tech and high strength quality As a good company who serves high tech and high strength aluminum quality
    Future-oriented value pursuit for environment As a company with future-oriented mind-sets for enlivening the environment
    Company value enlargement by the main business concentration As a company who improves his value through customer satisfaction and staffs' worth realization
    Ajin solartec Co.,Ltd. who sets a goal for a better future.
    Core value
    Challenge Realization of future-oriented value accumulated by continual improvement, with a challenging goal set by passionate manner of success certainty.
    Trustworthiness Efforts made for trust formation, safety, life quality improvement, open-minded management and customer satisfaction.
    Responsibility contribution to social responsibility for ethical management, fair trade and environmental management.